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Week 7: Moderation issues

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   Last week we discussed the standard of written English required in mainstream subjects. There seems to be some variation regarding this across schools and some agreement that guidance from NZQA would be helpful. This is very pertinent at all levels especially as students can gain UE literacy via other subjects.


Has anyone suggestions on where to take this very important issue next? Is it something that can be dealt with in individual schools? Would a wider approach be better.


Bev Steward posted regarding moderating her EL unit standards work with another ESOL department / teacher.  I have also had a conversation with Bev and wonder if we could moderate online perhaps using a combination of our existing VLN group, Google docs and, if required, Skype? I am in the process of setting up a group in the EL unit standards. Have look here and see of this will work for you.


Please share any alternative suggestions of ways to do this.


Julie Luxton posted and reminder of the importance of reading the clarifications to unit standards that are available on NZQA.


I also cross-posted from Englsih Online about the Review and Maintenance Programme (RAMP) for English standards.


A few people who have posted may have received the following message - Your post appears to be for an individual. Please don’t be put off posting by this. It is a very fine line between keeping our community connected and not overwhelming people with ‘me too’ emails.



Māori Language week - Whakanuia te wiki o te reo Māori – Celebrate Māori Language Week. Find links and suggestions on


Next up is Tuvalu Language Week which runs from 1 to 7 October 2017.


On other communities


English Online have been thinking about credits and wondering what the ideal number of credits for a course actually is.  A good one for us to consider too!


Secondary Literacy Online have posted on resilience and grit and learning opportunities provided by examinations.


Have great week