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Week 6: Students with additional learning needs

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Hi everyone

        Assistance for students has loomed large in several communities this week. Janette has asked if there are any guidelines from NZQA regarding the level of language assistance offered when students are completing assessments in other subjects.


What policies do your schools have on this issue? I have always thought that if the message was conveyed, and the standard didn’t specify that the standard of English was to be assessed, then the students could be awarded the appropriate grade. Paula Stewart said that this approach had been confirmed in a phone call of NZQA. English Online have a similar discussion under way, see below.


What is your experience?


CLESOL has a Facebook page for you to keep in touch with latest updates.


Have you seen the Digital Technology Consultation which ends on 3rd September. This is an area that impacts on our students so it was disappointing that there is no specific mention of ELLs in the documents and that the information for parents is not available in community languages. I think it is well worth taking the time to make a submission to ensure that the inclusive intent of the NZC is honoured in this new initiative.


On other communities


Primary ESOL Online discussed assisting ELLs who have additional learning needs.  Janet has some very interesting links to follow up on.


Janet will be away for the next few weeks having a knee replacement and we all wish her well for her operation and recover.


Secondary Literacy Online have discussed How we are developing the key competencies?

In a similar vein English Online have discussed the use of special assessment conditions, a reader writer in this case, in English assessments. David Schaumann is awaiting a clarification from NZQA and I will keep you posted.

Have a great week


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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