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Week 5: Teaching speaking

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Hi everyone,

Last week we shared continued with our posts related to reading including


It is essential to remember that there is no direct correspondence between reading age and ELLP - a seven year old ELL with a reading age of 6 would be at higher ELLP level than a 14 year with the same reading age.


Shelley also had a question regarding the teaching of pronunciation.

  • Thought Co have a short guide to what to teach at different levels

  • and TESOL.Org have a more detailed Introduction to teaching pronunciation

  • I have found a number of Youtube videos useful to target specific pronunciation problems such as the various pronunciations of ‘ed’ ending which can be

    • /id/ as in wanted

    • /t/ as in talked

    • /d/ as in cleaned


Have you any more suggestions? I recall Meryl Braithwaite having some books on this but do not where they were published. I have tried searching with no success.


Also in our posts we responded to a request for EAP assessments. Summative assessment can be accessed on our VLN group. Whereas model and formative task are available on

  • ESOL Online - these units are currently being revised to bring them into line with the revised EAP standards

  • NZQA - again these are being rewritten to bring them into line with the revised EAP standards


Thank you to all who were brave enough to post their questions and to those who generously answered and shared. Don’t we have a great community?


On other communities


Primary ESOL Online have also discussed speaking and in particular the silent period many students go through. There are some useful and practical suggestion in the post and I would also recommend using the Oral Language Strategies on ESOL Online.


Oral skills also featured on Literacy Online - again some great suggestions for supporting language skills.


And Secondary Literacy Online posted on building thinking skills.


Breda Matthews

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