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Week 9: Level 3 open for consultation

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    The big news on our community is the release of the updates Level 4 EAP standards and  the development of Level 3 EAP standards which are now open for consultation. The proposed standards and the feedback form are available at this NZQA page.


NZQA is keen to hear responses from groups such as ESOL PD clusters and TESOLANZ branches but of course you can respond as an individual, a department or a school.


The five standards are:

  • Write a short crafted text for a specified audience using resource material in English for an academic purpose.

  • Demonstrate understanding of a short spoken text and apply information in English for an academic purpose

  • Deliver a short oral presentation in English for an academic purpose

  • Read and apply information in English for academic purposes

  • Write a short text under test conditions in English for an academic purpose


It is important that our community takes time to respond to these new standards. They are a potential bridge between the current Level 3 EL unit standards and the demands of the Level 4 EAP unit standards. Consultation and feedback closes on Friday 14 July so we need to begin discussion of these standards as soon as possible.  


You could

  • post questions about these standards in this forum or in the VLN group

  • set a an online survey for your group


Things to consider might include:

  • Who would you use these standards with?

  • Do these standards meet the learning needs of your learners?

  • Do they fill a current gap in assessment opportunities?

  • Which standards would you use / not use?

  • Are there any areas in the standards that you feel do or don’t work well?

  • How practical will it be to assess against these standards?

  • What resources would you need to fully exploit the potential of these standards?


I am sure that you will have lots of great questions and I’d love to hear them.


Let’s have a great discussion this week.




WATESOL Expo Saturday 1st July. Details here.


The National Library are offering an online course Raising Readers: school and home connections  from 14th August to 15th September. Earlybird registration closes 7th July. They will also be offering an event in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, called “Open the book: literature at the heart of literacy”.


On other communities


Primary ESOL Online continued their discussion of teaching vocabulary including ways teachers are using Google Translate.


Nan Cooper discussed using Google Translate for oral communication by clicking on the microphone image in the translated language area (the right side of the page)  and the students can hear the words said aloud in their own language. Users can also speak into a microphone in their language if they are unable to write in their own script. (on the left side of the page). It can also be installed on phones. This Youtube video takes you through some of the process.


Literacy Online discussed the proposals for initial teacher education (ITE). Links and details were posted on Secondary Literacy Online and can be accessed here.


Nan Cooper urged our community to complete the general feedback survey on these proposals.  Feedback should take about 10 minutes to complete and submissions close on 7 July 2017. The online survey and submission form cover the same questions.



On Secondary Literacy Online Alana asked “How do we ensure we are scaffolding for the learners who have high literacy and language needs while continuing to stretch all students in the classroom?” Find her post here.

Have a great week


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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