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Week 4: Maximising the benefits of our communities

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

We had a quiet week on the listserve although the VLN groups were active. I thought I might take the opportunity to consider ways we can support each other..


My first stop is to remind people of some good practice when posting.


First please post to secondaryesol@lists.tki.org.nz.  I do understand that it might feel daunting to post to the whole community rather than just me but the communities insights are far greater than anything I can offer an, if you have the question, I can absolutely guarantee that other do too.


Secondly a quick reminder about how helpful an accurate subject line is when sending mail to the list.  If you are replying to my weekly post but have anew question, it is really helpful to change the subject line. Not only can community members decide quickly whether the post is of relevance to them, but the thread can be found much more easily in the archives.


Finally a reminder that to access previous posts below you need to log in to  the archive on ESOL Online - using the following:

  • Username: eesollonline

  • Password: mailinglist


Also I thought I would mention that I am meeting lots of teachers new to ESOL. If you know one please make sure that you tell them about ESOL Online. And, if you are new to ESOL, why not tell us what you would like help with.


On the VLN


Lancy Chua added a new discussion post to the group asking if anyone would like to post any moderated 22750 essays they have done in the last two year which she hope will help her to ensure that teaching and assessment is at the required standard Lancy also recommended two books that she has found useful for EAP courses


  • Academic Encounters Book 3 (year 11) and 4  (year 12) which have worked well. CUP 9781107658325

  • Academic Writing skills Book 1 and 2 CUP 9781107 636224.


Thanks for starting this conversation Lancy.


Also on the VLN I know that we have shared completed materials - said in the full knowledge that we always tweak them next year!  But has anyone considered sharing materials they are in the process of writing for feedback?  I’m sure this would be hugely helpful for those moment when you just can’t think of another way to assess …… Why not give it a go.


In the news


Digital technologies is coming to a school near you! Digital technologies will become part of the national curriculum from 2018, starting with year 1. What will this mean for ESOL teachers.  There is


Whilst I doubt that we will be teaching coding, I imagine that cross-curricular opportunities for integrating digital technologies and digital fluency will become increasingly important.


How are you incorporating digital fluency into your classrooms?


Have you seen this list of translations for bilingual signs ?


Upcoming events: Schools

  • Sāmoa Language Week, from 28 May 2017 Sāmoa Language Week / Vaiaso o le gagana Sāmoa helps to preserve gagana Sāmoa as a living and rich language. Our resource page is full of teaching ideas and useful links to help you nurture gagana Sāmoa in your schools.

  • Gifted Awareness Week 12-18th June 2017,


Upcoming events: teachers


On other communities

English Online discussed learning logs / reflective journals to feedback given to senior students, particularly in regard to writing skills, and to assist students to establish their own next steps for learning and reflect more on their own work.

Finally David Riley has produced four not three new books. Find all of the Reading Warriors books here.



Have great week.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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