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Term 2, 2017: Week 2

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    We have had another busy week. It is great to see such lively conversations especially when we are all so busy.


Replies continued to come into to support Alison using who is hoping to use the EAP standards. Many thanks to all those who took time to reply and to those who shared resources off the list serve. Your time and support is very much appreciated.  


I think Elizabeth Rothwell’s advice to have realistic expectation was very wise for all of us. We all want to do the best for out students but students need to be ready to succeed at university independently - you won’t be there to check their work multiple times. And, as Elizabeth pointed out there is a cost to our own lives in doing too much.


Rachel Hartles shared her reasons for switching back to the EAP standards after using English achievement standards for a couple (?) of years.


Rachel said that an article by Sara Cotterall and Robin Cohen provided some of the inspiration for this change along with the fact that “the skills learned in tackling US22750 are valuable for our students and are much more useful for them long term than eg. being able to analyse a film.”


Also relating to EAP 22750 was a query regarding how many texts students should read. Julie Luxton replied  clarifying that, while there is no minimum number of sources a range is advised and  pointing us towards ER 1.2


Development of ideas from a broad knowledge base

Students need to demonstrate that the ideas developed are based on their research. If they are referring to only one source, that source would need to be sufficiently comprehensive and have sufficient depth to allow them to achieve their academic purpose. The texts read need to contain ideas of sufficient complexity to allow students to develop an effective discussion. Refer also to EN 8.


Also from Julie some details around how PLD is being provided now.


Athlyn shared a link on improving reading skills.


There were a couple of request regarding how to find my blog. You can do so here http://bredamatthews.blogspot.co.nz  as well as on the VLN.


On the VLN groups

The EAP group on the VLN have been discussing suitable textbooks for EAP students. Sarah Roper recommended  'Writing Research Papers' from the Macmillan Writing Series


Do you have any other suggestions?  Feel free to reply in the VLN conversation or here.


In the ELUS group Jenny uploaded a new resource for us 28056 (Reading). She noted that her students found the  emphasis on main and supporting idea identification was sometimes difficult for students. To resolve this she has asked students to identify the meaning of main and supporting ideas a little more. She is looking for feedback. Access the resource and join the conversation here.


On ESOL Online

This week I gave a workshop where I was asked what resources are available to support ELLs in years 7-10. So i thought it might be useful to put these links in this week’s update as they may be useful to a wider audience.

ESOL Online has course planning quides, and teaching materials and links on the following pages


There are also resources in

Have a great week.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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