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Term 2 2017, Week 2 - All things VLN

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Hi everyone,

  A slightly longer post this week - my apologies.


Last week our postings gathered speed.


From VLN


In view of Alison Taylor's recent post on ESOL Online in which she expressed a need for practice materials, it would be helpful to share some EAP textbook titles which you have found useful to inform teaching and learning. I know that there are many such textbooks used in tertiary institutions, but knowing what has worked for your secondary students in the EAP context would be valuable for Alison and others. It would also be useful for more useful websites to be added to our bookmarks page. Julie Luxton


Share your suggestions here or by replying in the VLN group.


It was great to see how many people are joining the VLN groups and, in particular the EAP group.


For those wondering how to join this is the process


  1. First join the VLN if you have not already done so and / or log in to the VLN. It can take up to 24 hours for your application to join the VLN to be processed.

  2. Join the groups you are interested in. These are our VLN groups:


NB Only teachers can join closed groups. To join  click 'Join group'; at the top on the right. Once we have verified that you are a teacher in a schools you will be accepted into the group. I try to do this the same day. This enables teachers to share resources that can be used for summative assessment. Please make sure that you complete your profile details so that we can accept you into the groups.


What resources will you find on the VLN groups?


The resources in these groups have been shared by very generous, and brave, teachers. So, if there is nothing new since you last looked this is because nothing new has been uploaded. I’d like to suggest that teachers upload materials that they are working on for feedback? I am sure that the feedback they get would be extremely helpful when writing tasks and that all teachers would benefit from inputting on the resources. Best to clearly mark such as ‘In process’ or ‘Incomplete’.


Upcoming events

  • New Zealand Sign Language Week, from 8 May 2017 New Zealand Sign Language Week provides an opportunity for schools to reflect on the inclusion principle and explore the values of diversity and respect. Use our resource page to find out ways you can get involved.

  • Bully Free NZ Week Monday 22 May, Bullying-Free NZ Week is a chance to raise awareness and promote a bullying-free environment at school.

  • Sāmoa Language Week, from 28 May 2017 Sāmoa Language Week / Vaiaso o le gagana Sāmoa helps to preserve gagana Sāmoa as a living and rich language. Our resource page is full of teaching ideas and useful links to help you nurture gagana Sāmoa in your schools.

  • Road Safety Week A very worthwhile topic for students coming from smaller communities where traffic is not such an issue.


PD opportunities


  • TeachNZ Study Awards - check out these sabbatical opportunities

  • CORE Pasifika Education Grant CORE Education offers an annual allocation of $25,000 to support teachers (Early Childhood Education to Senior Secondary) whose hearts are in Pasifika Education.


Updates and reading


On other communities

Secondary Literacy Online shared Best practice for improving writing

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