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CMA Primary E-Learning Day 2017

The Canterbury Mathematical Association (CMA) is proud to bring you the inaugural CMA Primary E-Learning Day! It was held on Friday 30th June, at the University of Canterbury; around 60 attendees. 


Keynote Speaker

We were very excited to have Dr Vince Wright, part of the team that built and run e-ako maths, sharing with us about the vision behind e-ako maths and how they intend for it to be used. 
Download Vince's presentation

The opening keynote was from Stephen McConnachie, Maths teacher and e-Learning Coordinator at Middleton Grange School, and Vice-President of CMA. He shared an overview of e-learning in Primary Maths, with research best-practice and some practical ideas. 
Download Stephen's presentation



There were six workshops, in two slots of three concurrent workshops:

  • Andrew Tagg (Project Manager, e-ako / nzmaths / Maths Technology Ltd)
    Using e-ako effectively
    This practical session will get you started with using e-ako maths with your classes, and equip you with some strategies to use this powerful tool effectively.

  • Robyn McNeill (Accredited Facilitator for Primary Mathematics, UC EdPlus)
    e-Learning practices modelling Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics
    Download Robyn's presentation

    This workshop seeks to address the following questions:
    - Which e-Learning practices promote discussion and mirror best practice in mathematics teaching and learning?
    - Which practices focus on 
    understanding of mathematics concepts rather than procedurally teaching?
    There will be an opportunity to engage with high-quality examples.

  • Rachael Hoddinott (Professional Development Facilitator, Cyclone; former Numeracy Advisor)
    "Good" e-learning: beyond apps and quizzes
    Rachael, a former Numeracy advisor and current PD facilitator who works in schools across the country, will explore the concept of "good e-learning", with a good mix of pedagogy and specific examples she's seen in schools, and give attendees a chance to try out tools and activities discussed in the workshop.

  • Jared Fretwell (Assistant Principal, West Spreydon School)
    Seesaw in the Maths Classroom
    Download Jared's presentation

    In this workshop, Jared will discuss best practice with Seesaw in the Primary Maths classroom for student collaboration, students communicating their learning, and maintaining portfolios of work.

  • Matt Bush (Waitākiri Primary School)
    Intro to Robotics and coding in Maths
    Download Matt's presentation

    This workshop is a beginners’ introduction to BeeBots, Pro-bots,  and Scratch, and how they can be used for teaching and learning in Maths. Expect some practical time playing with the toys and some real examples of classroom activities for transformed learning. 
  • Rochelle Everest and Angie Malae (West Spreydon School)
    Maths Collaboration Inquiry
    Download Rochelle & Angie's presentation

    Rochelle and Angie will share their experiences with Maths Collaboration Inquiry at West Spreydon School, with tips and practical advice for attendees using this approach themselves.


We are very grateful to the University of Canterbury Mathematics Department for hosting us, and the Canterbury Mathematical Association for their support.