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Week 8: EAP standards and UE

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Hi everyone

   Last week we discussed the arrival of annotated exemplars for EL standards 27991, 28062, 28064. Rosa asked about exemplars for the EAP standards but there is no information on these, so I suspect not yet is the answer!


Shared a link to the NZQA survey on inclusion of the EAP unit standard EAP US 22749 Write texts under test conditions in English for academic purposes for University Entrance writing literacy. NZQA is seeking feedback from secondary and tertiary teachers about this.  It’s a VERY  brief survey so please try and complete it if it is relevant to your teaching context. Find it here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CB86SWD.


Rupert asked what texts would be suitable for the EAP reading standard 22751. Julie replied and directed us to the clarifications for this standard - many thanks Julie.




NZQA is undertaking  a review on University Entrance.  You can read the overview here.  It was interesting to note that

  • there was discussion on the level of appropriateness of some of the standards that count for UE Literacy - Writing.  

  • Teachers were not included in the group of stakeholders whose views were sought. This group included: 8 universities, 4 Institutes of Technology, meetings with regional groups of principals, Maori sector representatives and the National Union of Students Associations and survey of school principals (43), secondary school students (48) and tertiary students (75)


There is an opportunity for us to have a say by participating in the review by reading the review document and completing the feedback. Perhaps something for your next PLD Cluster Meeting? Find the review document and the feedback form here.




WATESOL event: Thursday, 6 April 2017. Further details here.


AKTESOL event: Tuesday 11th April from 6:00 to 8:00pm Workshop and AGM. Venue - Unitec.


David Larsen alerts Auckland teachers to the following: ‘Evening classes on the history of the English language’  Details here.


On other communities


Secondary Literacy Online have asked what a years’ progress in reading or writing looks like.

Primary ESOL Online shared links to some very interesting research reports.

Kind regards


Breda Matthews

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