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Weekly update 7: MLE and financial literacy

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Hi everyone,

        Apologies for the late posting this week but it was St Patrick's Day, no small event for those of us of Irish extraction!
Last week Barbara asked for information about the DELTA qualification. Thank you to all those who responded. You can read the thread here.


Damon also started a discussion regarding teaching in a new open plan learning space. There have been several responses including some from teachers currently teaching in open plan environments.  I’d like to continue to dig down into what are the actual opportunities and challenges new learning environments bring. There will certainly be both. Share your experiences and thoughts.


Catriona shared a new online space dedicated to financial literacy. I am sure that there will be many opportunities to incorporate financial literacy into ESOL courses.


Simon Menzies is looking for  ESOL teachers, whose first language is not English, to take part in a small study. His details are here if you can assist him.


The NZQA review of the English Language standards is about to start and this might be a good time to start discussing what works well and what changes we, as a community, would like to see.


If you could ONE thing about any of the EL standards,  what would it be and why?


Upcoming conferences


On other communities


Primary ESOL Online discussed a post on the advantages having the ability to use correct grammar confers. Janet shared her own learning journey around grammar knowledge which is one shared by many teachers myself included. I wonder how many of us have felt daunted when asked a grammar question? I certainly have. Thank you for putting this topic up for discussion Janet. Read the thread here.


On Secondary Literacy Online Alana shared another financial literacy tool. This time a games. Debt Empire is designed to teach teens to be loan smart.


Secondary Literacy Online also discussed accelerating reading progress. Some very interesting ideas in these posts.


Have a great week



Breda Matthews

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