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2017: Term 1 - Weekly update 1

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Welcome back to Secondary ESOL Online and Happy Chinese New Year


I’m sure that you have all had a good, if not always sunny break, and are looking forward to a new year.


We are all coming back to different challenges. All of us will have new students and some of us will have new schools, new courses, new rooms, the list goes on. Some of these changes will be positive, other may require adjustments.


Whilst we can, and should, advocate for changes that improve teaching and learning, in this first update I’d like to talk about what we can do ensure our own well-being. Here are my suggestions but I am sure that you will have many more to add to the list.


1. Have a self-care plan

Sleep, exercise and eat well. You are your students’ best resource not a new unit of work! Personally I am determined to make sure that I have a lunch to take to work and that I actually take time to eat it!  Oh, and eight hours of sleep would be good!


2. Build your community.

Feeling connected to your colleagues, your students, their families and the community within which you work is essential and the beginning of the school year is the most logical time to build these connections. Make time in your school day to connect with colleagues over lunch or a cuppa. Over the next 2 to 4 week spend five minutes with every student getting to know them better - the personal connection will reap rewards if there are troublesome spots later on. And remember we are all connected on this community too.


Community links that can support you


Remember that if you have changed schools and / or emails you will need to update your details for this and the  VLN groups above.

Finally a resource that you may find useful is a British Council resource on Chinese New Year.