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Week 7: Unit standards 28056 and 28057

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Hi everyone,

   Today is the last day to submit your response to the NZCEL review survey. You can read Julie Luxton’s advice on completing the survey here along with the relevant links.


Janette Ryan has started a useful conversation around Vocabulary. Read contributions here and remember we also have relevant links in


If anyone attended the WATESOL presentation on Preparing EAL students for university it would be great to read a summary of the talk.


Also discussed the difference between unit standards 28056 Read and understand texts on familiar topics and 28057 Read and understand texts for practical purposes. Julie drew our attention to the nature of the texts required for each standard. In particular she noted that, whilst texts for 28056 might require students to understand the overall idea, texts for 28057 would require students to understand the overall purpose of the text. That said there are some information texts that could be used for us 28056 where ‘overall idea’ is less appropriate. I have found that referring to the unit standards clarifications is always useful when teasing out the difference between standards.


There is a new Education Gazette available online. You might be interested to read about


Upcoming events


When: Saturday 26th November from 9am to 12.30

Where:Owen G Glenn Building (Grafton Rd), Auckland University

Cost: FREE to members and $10.00 to non- members


On other communities


Primary ESOL Online shared thoughts and suggestions around helping students deal with the recent earthquakes and learning kits for new migrants.


Secondary Literacy Online discussed alternative pathways for school after compulsory schooling and Finland scrapping school subjects.