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Week 3: Tokelau Language Week and PD for mainstream teachers

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Mālō ni, ulu tonu mai!


The last Pacific language week for 2016 is Tokelau Language Week - Vāiaho o te Gagana Tokelau. This year's theme is: Pokotau ki au kapuga - kē mau tau foe - Challenge the size of the swirls made by your paddle. The theme stresses the importance of striving for excellence and persevering to the end, and supporting Tokelau (and Pacific) language and culture necessitates these things.


Over 7000 Tokelau people reside here in New Zealand with almost 1400 people living on the island nation. Some people have migrated to New Zealand, while the majority have been born here as 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation New Zealanders. However, they still value their nā tū ma nā aga faka-Tokelau (customs and way of life) and this language week is an opportunity for the Tokelau people to take pride in their culture.


Useful links

  • NZ Curriculum online  is a great starting point when deciding how you will celebrate the language and culture with your class and in your school.  It includes links to some related School Journal stories, articles and poems.

  • The 2016 Tokelau Language Week Facebook page has news, articles and various events highlighting the week.

  • The Ministry for Pacific People has worked closely with the Tokelau community to develop a Tokelauan language resource. You can download it from this page. You will also find links to a special poster and the words and music of their national anthem.


Some basic phrases you can use:

  • Mālō ni - Hello

  • E ā mai koe? - How are you?

  • Ko au e mālohi, Fakafetai - I am well, thank you.

  • Fakafetai - Thank you

  • Tulou - Excuse me

  • Fakamolemole - Please

  • Tōfā - Good-bye

  • Kai te manaia! - Awesome!

  • Te lelei ō koe - Well done!


Last week


We shared

  • a reminder that 29=8th October is the date when applications for a TESSOL scholarship must be at the Ministry. Further details here.

  • and Natasha started a conversation about surveying mainstream teachers about their PD needs in relation to English language learners. Related to this conversation


Many thanks to those who started conversations and added links.


And if you haven’t registered with NZQA for a Best Practice Workshop, I would really encourage you to do so - they are really worthwhile. Go here for details.


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