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Week8: Software to support ELLs

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi again,

    Hard to believe that it is the last week of term!


Last week we continued our conversations around


TESOL qualifications with an informative post from Sue Edwards


and software to support English language learning


Following up on our conversation around the recently published English language unit standards clarifications - is there another clarification that we would like to discuss? Perhaps the merit and excellence criteria for us 28064 Present information on a familiar topic (EL)


For Merit, the presentation of information must be not only organised and developed, but also connected. This means that ideas are expanded on or clarified by adding detail with clear transition signals within and across sections of spoken text, e.g. ‘First of all…’, ‘also’, ‘for example’,  ‘Furthermore…’. For Excellence, a wider range of transition signals should be used to connect information clearly and effectively.


And written text support (Explanatory Note 8)

This standard assesses spoken presentation skills rather than reading aloud. Learners can refer to cue cards and the minimal amount of written text in supporting visuals, but they should not read large chunks of text from cue cards, visuals or notes on laptop screens. Reliance on written text is likely to impact on the range of language features and conventions used to engage the audience.


On other communities


English Online have discussed using Google Translate and other similar tools to enable students to listen to their written texts.


Primary ESOL Online shared information about Chinese Language Week.



Have a great week everyone



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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