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Week 6: Unit standards discussions and clarifications

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Hi everyone,

    Last week we discussed a wide range of topics.


Bev Steward started a discussion around what constitutes achieved for us 28064 in relation to the organisation and development of ideas, specifically, if this requires a developed conclusion. Thank you to those who shared their thoughts. The consensus was that, at this level, something more than ‘thank you for listening’ is required. A clarification for this standard is now on NZQA.


Have you seen the newly released English language unit standards clarifications? There are now a large number of clarifications and I would encourage you to refer to these when using EL standards. There are too many to summarise here but one that will be of particular interest is for the reading standards 28056 and 28057


Explanatory Note 2 specifies that grades are awarded for achieving the criteria for that grade and the grades below it. However, insufficient evidence at one grade may sometimes be compensated for by evidence at a higher grade. For example, the learner may locate and link some words to meaning for Merit and this could contribute to identifying the meaning of ten vocabulary items for Achieved.




Explanatory Note 8 If a written response is not quite clear or sufficient, learners may be given an opportunity to clarify their understanding orally. This should be noted and verified by the assessor.



We also helped Cheryl track down the 2000 - 3000 word list.


and answered a post from English Online re using the EAP standard 22751, Read for academic purposes as well as AS 2.3 Analyse Unfamiliar and AS 2.8 Information Literacy? I posted your input on English Online. The advice was gratefully received.


Angela asked about joining our VLN groups


  • You need to sign up to the VLN first. You can use a personal or school email. The advantage of the formers is that it will remains yours if you change schools.

  • Once you have signed up,  complete your profile. Some groups are closed i.e. only teachers can join. If you don’t have a profile that identifies you as a teacher you will not be accepted into closed groups.

  • The final step is to search for and join groups. Our groups include:


There are lots more groups. If you have any problem contact help@vln.school.nz.



David Riley has a new book Tongan Warriors.


The latest Education Gazette has two articles on how PLD will be organised next year.




AKTESOL meeting Wednesday 14th September


Venue: Block A, Room A201, Epsom Campus, University of Auckland (Faculty of Education)    

5.45 pm: Refreshments, nibbles 6.30 pm: Presentations

Choice of three:

  1. Equipping our students to thrive in their future with Asia

  2. Strategies secondary schools can use to help migrant students from Asian countries settle in and learn well

  3. The Reciprocal Influences of Home and Kindergarten on One Chinese Immigrant Child’s Literacy Experiences


On other communities

Secondary Literacy Online discussed creating readers.

Have great week


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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