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Week 3: Assessment resources, texts and functional grammar

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

      We have had a busy week online.


Thanks go to Rachel Hartles who shared her summative resources for unit standard 27997: Write basic texts for practical purposes,  on our VLN group. Find them here. Rachel is also hoping to share her formative materials soon.


Cheryl Brownlee started a conversation regarding suitable topics for us 27999 Write simple texts on familiar topics.


Thanks to Chris McQuirk who suggested writing descriptions of Pokemon and provided us with a starter document.


Mageshni Narain has asked people to share their experiences of incorporating functional grammar in their lessons. Personally I am big fan of allowing the grammar to develop from the oral and written texts that students have written. Recently my class made Marmite crackers and turned this into writing as procedural text. This PPT demonstrates some of the grammar points that emerged and our final jointly constructed text.


Athlyn has started a discussion with potential to widen the text types we ask our students to engage with and has asked if poetry, written by students, could be submitted for unit standards assessments? What are your thoughts?


Michelle Johansson shared the Pasifika Update.


The National e-Newsletters are now online. Check out the English language learners newsletters along with all of the other subjects here.



International Languages Week 15th - 21st August


Bev Steward is organising a moderation day for interested teachers. What a great idea! Perhaps you could try this in other areas and, if you are in an isolated area what about using Skype or Google Hangouts to meet?


Oral Language Workshop - Wellington Literacy Association


On other communities


Primary ESOL Online shared resources for the Olympics. Lots of opportunities for writing recounts there!


Secondary Literacy Online are discussing scaffolding


And so are English Online.


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Have a great week and keep those posts coming.

Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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