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Week 3: Events, updates and assessing unit standard 28064

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

        Last week we had a very timely conversation regarding assessment for unit standard 28064. There were several sub-threads to this discussion including

  • Responses to Rachel’s original request for advice and suggestions

  • Assessment conditions -- the intention of this standard is to present rather than memorise a speech

    • Kaori shared how she encourages students to use cue cards and PPTs

    • Johanna also highlighted the benefits of using PPTs as well as focusing on spoken transitions to assist the development of natural speech

    • Jo Guthrie also commented on the benefits of allowing students to use PPTs but reminded us that there must be minimal text on these. She also offered to share her resource on the VLN group - thanks Jo

  • Julie Luxton reiterated the point about not including chunks of text on a PPTs used for presenting and also asked teachers for exemplars that could be used for Best Practice Workshops. If you do have exemplars please contact Julie at the following email:  julieluxeol.co.nz

  • A reminder to share resources via our VLN group or privately rather than on this listserve.


A huge thank you to the large number of teachers completed the survey on EL and EAP unit standards, NCEA amd NZCELs. This will be immensely useful to our representatives at the NZQA meeting. I will liaise with Julie regarding feeding back results to our community.


Athlyn Watt shared a link to a short film she saw at CLESOL this year. The film is called 'Paths We Walk' and briefly tells the stories of 5 migrants and refuges who tell of the experiences and challenges of settling in a new country and creating a new life in Hamilton.  It is directed and produced by Scott Granville and Ben Woollen. You can access it on Vimeo. Athlyn recommends this as a film to share with your students and Simon Crosby shared it with staff at his school.


On a similar note Chris McQuirk shared recommended another film - Tanna.


The latest Ministry of Education ESOL Update is now available. It contains 

  • a reminder of the importance of forwarding ELLP documents on with students as they move to a new school.  
  • introduces the seven senior advisors: refugee and migrant support who are based in regional teams around the country and explain their roles.    
  • and the 'Spotlight on Schools' looks at the range of processes Mt Roskill Intermediate has in place to provide great support for their culturally and linguistically diverse students.  

Upcoming events

Dr Rae Siilata will be speaking at the next Light the Fire meeting on Wednesday.


On other communities


English Online have discussed the "OR" in a response to a  Level 2 question such as: Analyse how visual or verbal film techniques are used to show a theme’. How would markers respond if a student answered on both visual and verbal features?


English Online also shared a video of Rae Siilata talking about the importance of valuing cultural diversity in our classrooms.


Primary Online saw Janet back from her overseas travels and another of her comprehensive updates.


Have great week



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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