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Week 10: Accuracy and Fluency

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

     Well the end of term is fast approaching and one of our conversations have reflected this. The conversation on Holiday Writing Activities produced some great sharing of ideas and strategies  from using exercise books to blogging online and even a suggested list of topics - thank you Jo.


Navjot McCormack shared Linwood College’s superb publication ‘All the fun of the feast scroll to the end of her post to download this or check out all of their publications here.


Nan has started a conversation around improving speaking accuracy.  How do you do this? What is a good balance between accuracy and fluency? Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


And Catriona shared information about Māori language Week  which is this week.


Rose has asked people to share their approaches to religious holidays that occur during term time. Does anyone have a policy document or advice? If so please respond to the community using the subject ‘Religious holidays in term time’ or reply directly to the original email.


On other communities

Secondary Literacy Online have continued their conversation around paraphrasing and summary focusing on what happens between the process of reading and the process of writing and have shared o document on teaching paraphrasing. This conversation reminded me a wee bit of the SIOPs Protocol in which activities for students to apply content and language knowledge in the classroom and that that integrate all language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are highlighted.


Have a great week.



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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