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Weekly update - Week 8: Who are our learners

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

      Last week Athlyn shared her use of writing journals and a truly inspiring poem written by one of her students.  This was a powerful demonstration of the use of journal writing to improve fluency but also to get to know our learners.
It is a timely reminder to not to define our students purely in terms of what they can't yet do or to see our students as an ELLP score. It has prompted me to ask how schools manage their Gifted and Talented programmes to ensure that ELLs are identified and included in such programmes.
Another new post concerns diagnostic testing of newly arrived ELLs. Great to see people's responses and why not check out my blog on this - scroll down until your reach diagnostic and placement assessment. 
This week's chocolate fish goes to Bev Steward who started a conversation on online resources to support language learning
continued her previous conversation on hours for senior students
and  also shared her OneNote document which includes:
  • An overview of the ESOL Learner in our schools
  • Links and information on the CEFR and ELLPs
  • Details on each student with links to a document  about their language level and teaching strategies
  • Pages with an overview of each level (still needs work) as well at teaching strategies.
This nicely brings our update back to knowing our learners and sharing that information.
Many thanks to all who posted and please keep sharing.
AKTESOL meeting Wednesday 22nd June
On other communities
English Online have noted that participation in this community is a significant contribution towards teaching as inquiry outcomes.
Seondary Literacy Online have been discussing writing and in particular teaching paragraph structure. Alan's update also included a summary of Maths focus with a literacy focus and reminded people of Literacy Online's Guidance for Effective Adolescent Literacy Instruction - do take time to read and share these.
Have a great week everyone.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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