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Week 7: Assessment - word processing, dictionaries and university entrance

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    Last week Bev started a new conversation regarding the length of time it takes to achieve university entrance literacy in relation to available teaching time and learners starting points. Bev has noted the impact expectations can have on teachers.


Do take time to reply to Bev’s post and share your experiences.


Also on ESOL Online Julie replied to Angela’s question on the use of word processing and  dictionaries during assessments. Julie’s reply succinctly sums up best practice regarding this aspect of assessment.


I and others posted a few reminders

  • Registering for the Making Assessor Judgements (formerly Best Practice) Workshops

  • The NZCEL review - it is important the secondary’s voice is heard in this review. Please consider responding with information about what would make the NZCELs more accessible for schools and perhaps include any comments you have on the English Language standards on which the NZCELs are based.



6th June saw the start of Matariki and TKI has a number of resources around this. It made me reflect on how this could be built into our programmes of learning either this year or as advance planning for next year. Oral and/or written description or comparisons of new year celebrations would be one avenue. Maybe we could share links to readings about different new year celebrations.


The Pukekohe ESOL Professional Development Cluster have extended an invitation to teachers who want to attend their next meeting where they will be workshopping:

  • Understanding the reading standards and their evidence requirements

  • Designing / modifying assessment tasks for reading - especially considering merit and excellence criteria

  • Questions and answers


Upcoming AKTESOL meeting Wednesday 22nd June. Adel Salmanzadeh from the Ministry of Education Refugee advisory group will be the guest to speaker on “Supporting the Diverse Needs of Refugee and Migrant Background Students in Aotearoa, New Zealand Schools”. There will also be  a panel led discussion on NZCEL for the tertiary sector.

On other communities


English Online have been discussing the EAP standards.Louise Van der Water noted that

The writing for EAP is well worth doing for uni prep. I've had 2 emails so far from Year 13 students last year who are doing first year uni this year saying the writing and referencing skills they learned in EAP last year were the most useful tools they had to take on to university and thanking me for helping them with it. 


Have great week.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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