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Weekly update: Week 4 Innovative ways to support learners

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

Last we we continued our conversation on assessing new students. This conversation encompassed both the area of assessment practice and providing for very new learners or English.


Refer also to my post on this topic.


Our community shared resources for assessment as well as their knowledge of Ministry Of Education and Code of Practice recommendations and online support such as ACCELL a programme for students who are new learners of English and are New Zealand residents and in schools that do not have an ESOL teacher.


If your students do not qualify for this programme i.e. they are overseas fee-paying students, you have a qualified ESOL teachers, you might want to check out the Learning Village which provides online resources for students.


Continuing the online focus, Athlyn shared details of how students can be supported online to sit achievements standard for Korean Levels 1 - 3.


I believe it is also possible to support students who want to study Mandarin. Check out the VLN for this.


In relation to these initiatives you might like to read ‘Students’ experiences of learning in virtual classrooms which is a report prepared for the Ministry of Education by the NZCER.


Also this week, Michelle shared the Pasifika Update - Samoan language week is coming up soon.


On other communities


Secondary Literacy Online discussed reading strategies including reciprocal reading and the RAP strategy.

English Online have discussed syntax and the use of commas. Great to see members of our community cross posting in this community.

Kind regards

Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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