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Week 1 - Term 2

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Hi everyone

    and welcome back to Term 2 just in time to catch the end of Samoan Language Week.


Juliet Fry has shared Term 2 2016 newsletter from the MOE-contracted secondary PLD facilitators supporting English Language Learners in which she shared upcoming language weeks along with lots of other useful information.  The newsletter also provided information on organisations providing trained interpreting services


You can find more information on Samoan Language Week on the following sites


Next up is Māori Language Week  on 4-10th July.


You can find the e-Newsletters for all of the curriculum subjects here.


I thought I would start with a little housekeeping this week.


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  • There have been some new members in our VLN groups - welcome. If you are still waiting for acceptance to these groups please check that you have filled in your VLN profile. As the ELUS group and the EAP groups are closed groups we need to be sure that people wanting to join are teachers.

  • Starting a new topic. If you want to start a new discussion remember to change the subject heading in your email. This will help our community to search for your post at a later date.


Over the holidays 


We discussed assessing students against ESOL and EL unit standards  and Cheryl Brownlee reminded us of the importance of moving student sonot the next level in their learning when selecting assessments. Many thanks to all those who contributed

Athlyn started a conversation on using the topic of the Wahine Disaster and lost of our community shared ideas and link on this topic.

And my opening question is to ask what the key issues for you this term?
Kind regards


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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