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Weekly Update 9: How are we using data?

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone

    Last week Cheryl Brownlee reminded Hawkes Bay teachers  of the date of their next ESOL cluster meeting.


ESOL Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a great forum for collegial support. They have been instrumental in helping schools transition to the use of ELLP to establish eligibility for ESOL funding. PLCs also assist with exchange of ideas, planning and resources so that schools are not 'reinventing the wheel'.   


For ESOL PLC contact details or if you would like to find out about establishing a new ESOL PLC in your area, please contact senior advisor ESOL Shanley Gamble:  phone: 09 632 9357, email: shanley.gamble@education.govt.nz    


Otherwise we have had a quiet week online although a couple of people have emailed me off the list with queries. I would really encourage you to post your questions in our community. If you are thinking about an issue I can guarantee that someone else is too.


Be brave and post!

You will get huge support for our wonderful community


So in lieu of posts this week,  I thought I would share my blog on the uses we make of the data gathered in the run up to the March ESOL funding period.

Most of us will have now completed the March ESOL/AF funding round. We have used a variety of assessments from last year for continuing students and from Term 1 for new students to decide on students overall ELLP level and ELLP levels in the four main skills areas. We have recorded these on students’ individual ELLP record of progress and this record will be updated before the next funding round on1st August, 2016.


Before putting all of that data in the filing cabinet, I have been pondering the uses I make of it.

Every teacher uses the data gathered to determine where a student needs to go next and to inform teaching for each student. Slightly more vexed is how this information can be shared effectively with all of the stakeholders including: other teachers, whanau and caregivers and the students themselves ……... 


Carry on reading in my blog on the VLN or at http://bredamatthews.blogspot.co.nz/


On other communities


On Primary ESOL Online Janet shared a link to research on the importance of transitionsAn analysis of recent Pasifika education research literature to inform and improve outcomes for Pasifika learners and asked some key questions on how we welcome and value students from diverse backgrounds.


On English Online Tania Roxborough shared a Youtube link on plot structure and shared a link to a doc containing suggestions for books every student should read.

It’s worth checking out which of these are available as graded readers. This article from the British Council - Using graded readers in the classroom has links to graded readers as well as great suggestions for classroom use.

Have a great week


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


To post to the list email: secondaryesol@lists.tki.org.nz