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Week 7: What does respect look like?

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Hi everyone,

This week Cheryl started a conversation about appropriate standards to assess Foundation students. This conversation is ongoing and your input would be appreciated. Thanks to those who have responded already.


Athlyn is asking for feedback regarding using a visit to Polyfest to assess EL 28070 Write a response for a specific purpose and EL 280062 Formal interview. What are your thoughts?


Janette Ryan has also asked about using social media for professional development. Check out this conversation and add you ideas here.


We also received a link to register for CLESOL.


The Pasifika Update The colonisation of Lily and Rose has generated a lot of response both on this community and the Literacy communities.  I have cross posted some to our community. I think something that has come through in the wide range of posts is that a key factor is respect and the intent of the speaker as opposed to the phonetic mishaps people may have when struggle with unfamiliar sounds. Students have the right to ask for teachers to make every effort to pronounce their names correctly and have the right to choose to use a European name if they would prefer that. What is not right is for others to assign new names - this betokens a lack of respect.


My own personal background perhaps illustrates the difference. I grew up in England where my name is very uncommon. People in England struggled greatly with it as many do in New Zealand. My name is often changed to Brenda. However only rarely was this due to lack of respect and when it was it was very obvious as when I was asked if Breda was my name or my occupation!


My question this week is - What can schools to to ensure that all members including students, whanau, staff and communities feel valued and respected?


Check out this TKI page for suggestions and ideas.


Don’t forget the National e-Newsletters can be found online.


On other communities

On Primary ESOL Online Janet’s Weekly Update included information about cluster meetings and lots of useful links.

Have a great week




Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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