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Weekly update 6: Supporting first language

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

This week we shared the 2016, Term 1 National Newsletters. You can view them all here.


Jenni Bedford posted information on the  ALTAANZ conference to be held at the University of Auckland from the 17th to 19th of November this year.


Petronella Townsend posted on International Mother Language Day and invited us to reflect on the fragility of many of the languages in our world. Although the day has come and gone it is still worth considering how we can support ELLs  first languages and why we should do this. 


How does your school support students' first language?


Cheryl  Brownlee started a conversation about selecting reading texts for unit standard 28058.  Averil Coxhead also responded to this post, read her input here.


News and updates


The Ministry of Education's ESOL Update is now available online. It has information on:

  • the February ESOL AF funding round 
  • ELLP online professional support modules
  • ESOL professional learning communities
  • paraprofessional PD opportunities


Whilst Ministry of Education’s revisions to the Conditions of Assessment apply to achievement standards, many ESOL teachers will want to keep abreast of the soon to be released changes. These will be published on the TKI NCEA subject pages here  in the next few days.


On other communities


Secondary Literacy Online have an interesting, ongoing conversation on oracy and literacy.


On Primary ESOL Online Janet followed up my previous post


Is the identification of all English language learners and their learning needs prominent in your school wide documentation and policy?

by adding the following very pertinent questions

  • How does your school identify your English language learners and whose role is it?

  • Do they have enough knowledge of teaching English as a second language to be skilled at correctly identifying the students who would benefit from some additional support?  

  • Are you confident that all ELLs have been identified and are getting appropriate language support?

These are hugely pertinent questions and I’d love to hear about how this is managed in your school.


What would you like to happen and does this actually happen?

This is the week to start sharing our ideas!


Two reminders

If you are starting a new topic, please change the subject line to something pertinent to you post.


The access the links to previous posts you will need to log in to the archive on ESOL Online - using the following:

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Have a great week.

Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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