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Weekly update4: Where is ESOL in your school?

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone

    We have had two somewhat related recent posts. 

One was from Angela Bland asking about the pedagogical position of ESOL in schools.
The second was from Athlyn Watt who asked about the physical position of ESOL classrooms and what messages this might carry for students - Athlyn is currently involved in decision making regarding the location of her teaching spaces.
Both questions impact on students perceptions of themselves and their learning and  I imagine will start a lot of debate.
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Another topic I'd like to consider is identifying the learning needs of students. This is an immediate concern for most teachers at this time of year. Prompt identification of learning needs and support is vital to learner success and ESOL teachers have a key role to play in the identification of student with English language learning needs and in the provision of support for these learners.

A key question

Is the identification of all English language learners and their learning needs prominent in your school wide documentation and policy?

This video from WestEd can be seen in our VLN group or on Youtube. It considers how schools can use key indicators to identify at risk students and how these learners can be supported.  

New on ESOL Online

Some reorganisation on ESOL Online may assist you in your decision making about learner needs.

The ELLP professional support modules  are now in user friendly pods.

The ELLP and Oral Language DVDs are now available online. Click these links for

Upcoming conferences

Don't forget to get in early with your PD request at school as CLESOL is in July this year in Hamilton.

CETA (Canterbury English Teachers' Association) conference, July 13-15. Registrations are open. Click here to register. More detail on the  conference website.

Have a great week.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 

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