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Weekly update 24th November, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   We have had a lively week of discussion and debate with continued discussion on

the number of teaching hours for ESOL and EAP classes



and involving students in monitoring their own progress using ELLP.


We have also discussed supported learning resources.


There have been lots of events as well. Last week I was fortunate to attend the NZQA EAP Best Practice Workshop and lots of the discussion there ties in with the discussion started by Bev Steward in teaching hours and the demands of the EAP standards. It was interesting to discuss possible pathways to help students meet the University of Auckland's Academic English language Requirements


Has anyone considered using, or has used, the following English standards?


  • 91103 Create a crafted and controlled visual and verbal text
  • 91106 Form developed personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence
  • 91105 Use information literacy skills to form developed conclusion(s)

Do you have insights to share on this topic?

I was also fortunate to attend the Symposium on Second Language Writing at the AUT. There was a great selection of speakers and I learnt a huge amount. I was particularly interested in a somewhat different approach to plagiarism. I learnt a new word 'patchwriting'. This is where a student has made a genuine attempt to summarise sources but is still heavily dependent on them. Often we would see this as plagiarism. However 'patchwriting' is being seen as an intermediary stage to complete synthesis of sources and avoiding plagiarism.  Food for thought!
Also this week Margaret Kitchen has provided a guest post entitled Quiet - wonderful and thoughtful read.
Upcoming events
Also see the next Light my Fire meeting unfortunately on the same day as AKTESOL. Thanks to Alana for alerting us to this meeting and to Athyln for noting the clash of dates.
Please do let our community know of anything happening in other regions.
On other communities
As you might expect the external exams have been  hot topic on English Online. See more in David Schaumann's Weekly update.
On Primary ESOL Online Janet posted about inclusive education.
Have a great week

Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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