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Weekly update 27th October, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

   I hope you all enjoyed some R and R over the long weekend.
Last week Jennifer asked for texts to use for listening dictation. Julie Luxton suggested using ELLP texts and Marianna Van Den Bergh suggested the Focus on English materials - both of these are online and the links were provided. I am sure that more suggestions would be welcomed.
Sally asked a question regarding assessment conditions for the speaking standard 27991. Julie Luxton answered this question pointing that assessing more than 2 students might make this very difficult to ensure that each student has the same opportunity to meet the standard. 
I reminded people about the TESSOL Scholarships. The closing date is this Friday.  I know the thought of studying after work can be daunting but my own personal experience was that the course was an immensely stimulating  and invigorating experience. Apply for yourself or encourage others to apply especially mainstream teachers.
A new question for Nan who has a new student from Syria starting and would like suggestions for resources for this student. Potentially we could have more students arriving from this area and it would be good to pool our ideas on this one. I have used 
But  a great place to start remains the English Language Intensive Programme which is available online here.

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On other communities.
Secondary Literacy Online have discussed differentiationPrimary ESOL Online shared links for Tokelau language week - this is in an attached PDF, and reporting progress to parents.
English Online continued to discuss the number of papers students sit in externals and if sitting two papers and therefore having extra time to complete the essays unfairly advantaged some students.
Have a great week.

Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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