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How to join webinars in Adobe Connect

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  1. Before the webinar - to test your computer settings
  2. Participating in the webinar (during) - including logging in, setting up sound & ways to participate
  3. After the webinar - leaving the webinar, leaving feedback and accessing recordings.

If you only need help with audio setup, then click here: Setting up audio.

A downloadable and printable version of this information can be found here: Participating in Enabling e-Learning webinars in Adobe Connect.


Before the webinar


Check that you have everything you need to join an Adobe Connect webinar by using the Adobe Connect Connection Test.

The test checks that you have a supported version of Flash Player, a suitable internet connection and the Adobe Connect add-in.

If the test fails due to the Flash Player or Adobe Connect add-in it will ask if you wish to install these.

Adobe Connect can run on any browser however it appears that it runs best in the following browsers:

  • PC: Internet Explorer
  • Mac: Safari.



Participating in the webinar


Logging in


All Enabling e-Learning webinars can be accessed through the following link:

Adobe Connect login


A login page will open.

  • Select Enter as a Guest

  • Type your name in the box provided

  • Then select Enter Room.





Setting up audio


To ensure your audio is set up correctly:

Adobe connect audio setup wizard

  • Select Meeting (from the menu bar)

  • Select Audio Setup Wizard

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to test your sound.


It is strongly recommended that you use a headset/headphones
when participating in a webinar.

If you wish to speak during the webinar, you need to ensure your microphone is on.

  • Click on the microphone icon Adobe connect microphonein the menu bar to turn it on. When you first do this you will be asked to allow camera and microphone access. Just click Allow.

Adobe Connect camera and microphone access

  • When the microphone icon is white, your microphone is off.

  • When the microphone icon is green, your microphone is on and you will be heard by others.

  • When the microphone icon is green with a line through it, your microphone is muted.
Microphone off Microphone on microphone muted
Microphone off Microphone on Microphone muted


You can also see the status of your microphone in the Participant List. The image below shows a muted microphone.

muted microphone in particpant list

Please keep your microphone muted during the presentation unless you are speaking.


Ways to participate



  • Switch on your microphone and speak (make sure you have tested your audio as above, first)

Text chat

  • Type something in the Chat box (this is viewable by everyone in the room).

adobe connect chat box

Action buttons

You can use the action button at the top to carry out various actions such as raising your hand, applause, laugh etc.

adobe connect action buttons

Whatever you choose will appear in the Participants List.

action - applause in participant list



If you raise your hand, the host of the webinar will be notified.

Web links

Web links that are referred to in the webinar will be placed in the Web Links box.

  • Select a link and select Browse to.

adobe connect web links



After the webinar


Leaving the meeting

At the end of the meeting, simply close your browser window or tab to leave the meeting.


Webinar feedback

It is always useful to have your feedback after a webinar. If you have recently participated in a webinar, please complete the Feedback form.


Webinar recordings

All Enabling e-Learning webinars are recorded and available to watch at any time from the Webinar recordings page on the VLN.