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Weekly update 17th August

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Last updated by Breda Matthews
Hi everyone,
        Another busy week. Great to hear from you all.
Community members have responded to Alison's issue with 28070 - she has been told that it needs to be offered by an external provider.  Obviously a couple of other schools have encountered the same issue earlier in the year. This is an EL standard and so all schools are accredited to assess the standard. I have asked NZQA for confirmation of this. Many thanks to all those who posted to give Alison advice.
Also in relation to 28070 Lauren shared her idea of getting students to respond to their classmates speeches and asked for comments on this plan.
I was really taken with the idea of getting maximum use from an activity and Julie suggested that there would need to be some pre-teaching and perhaps an exemplar to ensure that students were able to met the requirements of the standard. (As an aside for Alison - this is an example of a school using 28070 for your PN.)
I provided a link to the NZQA Best Practice Workshops - many thanks to Julie for the information she has provided on these.
Sacha also asked about texts for IELTS - thank you to all those who made suggestions. I will add the list to the ESOL Online group on the VLN. Personally I wonder why students are doing this exam - what are they going to use it for? If they obtain UE through NCEA subjects they are unlikely to be able to use IELTS for a tertiary course at a New Zealand university. Can anyone enlighten me as to why some students are still following this pathway?
On other communities
Two conversations on English Online will be of interest to teachers using a mix of English achievement standards and EL standards.

Re: Response to text 1.10 Jenny Macdonald noted that 'the responses teachers are expecting are often very lengthy and include additional information and comments that are simply not required for the standard. Many schools don’t assess this standard because they believe it is too much work for both teachers and students, yet it doesn’t need to be so.’ and has shared a resource to help simplify the process that you can access here.  


David has linked to this page from the section of Teaching and Learning Sequences offers some good strategies for teaching a range of extended texts, rather than a one size fits all novel for 1.1, with additional opportunities for formal writing in the mix too.


In Primary ESOL Online Janet continued her post on Cherishing the Long View. In particular she asked 'How well do ESOL teachers and classroom teachers cooperate together in your school? 


This is always very a very challenging task in secondary schools - I'd be interested to learn about expectations from subject teachers in your school and expectations of teachers in relation to ELLs. For example


  • Do subject teacher expect ESOL teachers to prepare students for specific topics taught in class? If so, how do you manage this?
  • What requirements are there from senior management for subject teachers to meet the language demands of ELLs?
  • How is ELLs  language development monitored outside of the ESOL classroom?


Have a wonderful week



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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