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Getting Started on the VLN

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Getting started on the VLN

Getting started on the VLN

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Just arrived and not sure where to go now? Top 6 steps for getting started:

1.  Build your profile so we can get to know each other.

2.  Find people like you and build your professional network

A professional profile ensures you seem approachable and friendly, and it allows others to connect to your professional network.

VLN: Find friends and build your network from Enabling e-Learning on Vimeo.


3. Groups: Join the groups that matter - or set up your own

The VLN community is a collection of groups - smaller communities -  each dedicated to particular interests and people.

VLN: How to find and join groups from Enabling e-Learning on Vimeo.


VLN: How to set up a group from Enabling e-Learning on Vimeo.


4. Set up your dashboard and find things fast

Your dashboard - VLN Dashboard - is your gateway to your community on the VLN. 

How to set up your dashboard page from Karen Melhuish on Vimeo.


5. Stay in the loop - manage your notifications/emails


Don't miss a moment of the action on the VLN. To make sure you find out about new content in your groups, posts added to discussions and exciting events, make sure your email notifications are set up.


NOTE: When you join a group, you will be sent notifications by default.

VLN: Manage your notifications from Enabling e-Learning on Vimeo.


6. Choose who sees your information.

Whenever you add information to the VLN, you need to choose the appropriate level of access. Here's a quick guide to the different permission levels on the VLN:

Managing access to your information from Karen Melhuish on Vimeo.


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