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Weekly update 22nd June, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

        I hope you are all well and have our thoughts are with hose of you who have struggled with and extremely trying week of weather events and the aftermath of this.


Last week we discussed


and shared 
English Online received a request of resources for the children, the schools and National library of Kiribati. If you have redundant texts in your department, here’s a great place for them - transport postage etc all arranged.


On Saturday I attended the AKTESOL Expo. This was a wonderful event enjoyed by all. I know that several people had lightbulb moments during the talks and it would be great to read their reflections - even a two line lightbulb moment would be welcomed.


Worth viewing




On other communities


On Primary ESOL Online Janet shared her reflections on the WATESOL Expo. Lots of interest to read as usual.


The Secondary Literacy Online community discussed writing and student reflection. Alana asked

Thinking about subject specific sentences, I notice that some students struggle with writing generalised statements. As students conclude their thinking about a specific concept they often need to write a statement that sums up their key learning and write a generalised statement.  What do you do in your subject area to help students write these type of sentences? Has anyone got something different besides just highlighting statements from a text? 


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Have a great week


Breda Matthews

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