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Fifi Colston

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Fifi Colston

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Graduating in Wellington with a Diploma of Visual Communications Design, Fifi freelances with fingers in many creative pies. She is a published junior fiction novelist, children’s book illustrator of more than 30 titles, poet and a long standing television presenter of arts and crafts on firstly TVNZ’s ‘What Now’ and then ‘The Good Morning Show’. Fifi is a veteran of Wearable Arts; a finalist and award winner over 19 years with 21 entries in show. She has also worked with Weta Workshop, The Production Shed and 3foot7 Productions in the New Zealand film industry as a costumier, puppet maker and illustrator. As part of her creative role, Fifi visits schools and community groups, inspires budding artists and writers and runs workshops in creative process.

Her inspirational costuming book 'Wearable Wonders' (Scholastic 2013) was a finalist in the 2014 NZ Post Children's Book Awards and the winner of the 2014 LIANZA Elsie Locke Award for Non Fiction. Her follow up book, Ghoulish Get Ups (2014) is a massive hit with school libraries and kids who love to create something from nothing!

Her blog and facebook pages are regularly updated with news about art and craft.




Creative Writing tips:

Listen...listen to the world around you. What are people saying at the table next to you? What bit of that conversation can you take and make up your own story about? What if those people weren't human at all, but aliens in people costumes? Be an eavesdropper.


Look... look at the world around you. What is that piece of glass/stick/drink bottle/pebble/odd sock lying on the path? Where did it come from? Who left it there and why? What happened? Be a detective.


Read...read books, read the paper, read blogs, read adverts, comics, shopping lists, bus tickets, swimming pool rules...anything! Read and play with the words in your mind and on your tongue. Taste them- lap them up! The only way you'll learn to write is by reading :)


Recent Bibliography

  • Janie Olive - A Recipe for Disaster:  Junior Fiction (Scholastic 2005) Storylines Notable Book Junior Fiction for 2006.

  • Itiiti’s Gift : Melanie Drewery & Fifi Colston (Reed 2006) Storylines Notable Books- picture book 2007

  • Glory: Fifi Colston Junior Fiction (Scholastic 2009) Storylines Notable Book Junior Fiction for 2010 and shortlisted for The Esther Glen Award LIANZA

  • Far Far From Home - Elizabeth Pulford (Scholastic 2012)

  • The Red Poppy - David Hill & Fifi Colston (Scholastic 2013) Storylines Notable Picture Book for 2013

  • Wearable Wonders- Fifi Colston  (Scholastic 2013) 2 Non Fiction Finalist New Zealand Post Book Awards 2014, Non Fiction Winner Elsie Locke Award Non Fiction  LIANZA 2014. Storylines Notable Books- Non Fiction 2014

Ghoulish Get Ups- Fifi Colston  (Scholastic 2014)