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Workshop resources (2015)

The second annual CMA E-Learning Day was held on Friday 29th May at The Grange Theatre in Christchurch. This year was the first time it was run as a whole-day event, with 80 teachers from around Canterbury coming together to learn and connect. 

Here are the resources and presentations that were shared on the day. 


Plenary presentations

Jake Wills, Kapiti College / NZGrapher - My E-Learning Journey
Download presentation

Stephen Tucker, University of Utah - Virtual Manipulatives 
sorry, this video is no longer available

Dean McKenzie, St Andrew's College - E-MCAT and the future of NCEA digital assessment
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Stephen McConnachie, Middleton Grange School - Beyond Pretty Quizzes
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Workshop One

Dragonbox - Making Algebra Accessible, James Bartlett (Christ's College)
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Basic introduction to iNZight, Michelle Dalrymple (Cashmere High School)
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Teaching the oldest subject in the newest ways, Ben Hilliam (St Andrew's College)
Not yet available


Workshop Two

Google Drive and Google Docs, Courtney Gravett (Riccarton High School)
Not yet available

Using NZGrapher, Jake Wills (Kapiti College)
All resources available here

Designing a Blended Course, Stephen McConnachie (Middleton Grange School)
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Workshop Three

When assessment drives teaching and learning..., Lars Thomsen (Christ's College)
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Using GeoGebra - pre-planned and on-the-fly, Stephen McConnachie (Middleton Grange School)
No resource available - practical workshop

Creating and using videos in your classroom, Liam Smyth (Cashmere High School)
Not yet available