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Weekly update 11th May, 2015

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Hi everyone,

       Last week we continued our discussion of
and shared links to
Don't forget that online links and resources can be added to our Google doc Online tools for ELLs and their teachers. Anyone can add to and edit this doc so please do!
Things that are new or that you might not have seen on the Teacher Resource Exchange - you will have to scroll to find these resources and do remember there is more than one page.
  • a mainstream teacher feedback form is one possible tool for collecting feedback about English language learners from mainstream teachers in a secondary school situation from Athlyn Watt
  • a reading log set up for EL standard 28052 with the student information on it and some check lists to keep the students focused on what their response needs to cover and what information to give about the text they have read.
  • teaching multi-level classes - practical approaches for ESOL specialists who teach classes of English language learners with a wide range of English language proficiency

Something to prepare for Samoan language week is coming up  24- 30 May.  What are your plans to celebrate this week.


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On other communities
This community also shared a video clip Teachers Make a Difference - save it for Friday!

On Secondary Literacy Online Alana shared links to resources and links for effective teaching of Pasifika learners

I'd also strongly recommend taking the time to read Janet's post on Inclusiveness.
Quote of the week from Chris Williamson on Musicnet and shared via Gifted Online  
My view is that it is our job as teachers is to help each student be the best they can be. We don’t just put each student in a ‘music learning machine’ and turn the handle - we are constantly adapting what we do to the needs and interests of each student and each group of students.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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