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Weekly update 20th April, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone and welcome back to Term 2, 


We had a few posts over the holidays that are worth catching up on.

The AKTESOL AGM is on Tuesday 21st April (tomorrow) at Kohia Teachers Centre. 6pm drinks and nibbles, 6.40 AGM, 7pm guest speaker Ineke Crezee Expectations of bilingual migrants in a largely monolingual society.

Julie Luxton reminded us of the feedback-only moderation option for English Language unit standards for 2015.  Feedback only moderation is an opportunity to get detailed feedback and feed forward on assessment materials and, if available, assessed work.  This is particularly valuable because moderation reports now moderate assessment materials only if there are related issues with teacher judgements of assessed work. I'd encourage you all to seriously consider this option.

To request this feedback, contact amsnzqa.govt.nz with the subject ‘English Language Feedback Only Moderation’.

Janet alerted us to MANATESOL's Mini Symposium on 6th June in Palmerston North.
HayleyLarsen alerted us to the LED conference in November.
And Athlyn reminded us all how to access her resources for short-term students. Many thanks to Athlyn who has given so generously of her resources and her time to deal with emails and make the resources available online.
Don't forget that to access the archive you will need to login

Username: eesollonline
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On the VLN groups
Discussion is about how to request clarification of standards particularly the reading standards.
I am looking forward to our renewed discussions this term and hope to see our Auckland teachers at the AGM tomorrow.
Have a great week.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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