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Raymond Huber

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Raymond Huber

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Raymond is a writer, freelance editor and teacher. His children's novels are a mix of fantasy, sci-fi, and biology, told from a honey bee’s viewpoint. His picture book, Flight of the Honey Bee, was an American Library Association Notable Children’s Book, an LA Times choice, and an Outstanding Science Trade Book in the US. He loves writing about science and has taught Science Communication at Otago University and 10 years as a Primary School teacher.


To Become A Writer:

1. Don’t read, watch TV all day…no, not really...you should read great books and have adventures.

2. Write about how you experience the world. You have a unique viewpoint because you see the world in a unique way.

3. Persevere. Keep writing even when you don’t feel like it; even when your work gets rejected.

4. Learn to edit. It’s the most important skill. Anyone can write; not everyone can edit.





Walker Books:     Flight of the Honey Bee -picture book

            Wings -junior novel

            Sting -junior novel

Makaro Press: Peace Warriors - non-fiction (due 2015)

Ebooks: Global Norman (poems); Honey Bees-An Essential Guide

Learning Media: 12 readers for US Schools (McGraw-Hill); 7 NZ School Journal publications

Short stories in The Curioseum (Te Papa Press);  Hideous and Hilarious, Showtime (both Random House).

NZ Textbooks: 13 Science, English, and Social Studies workbooks (ESA Publications)

Science books: In Motion, Technology Now (Thomson Nelson, Canada)