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Weekly update 23rd March, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

        Here is our weekly update. Last week we discussed
where to discuss and share resources for unit standards and Simon reminded us all to use the the English language unit standards VLN group to share resources as this will ensure their safety. Discussions can take place either here or on the VLN group.
On a similar note Adele Campbell is looking for a task on the topic of Celebrations for us 28056. If you can help please share your resource on the the English language unit standards VLN group.
As an aside membership of this group is going from strength to strength. As ever I am in awe of your passion and commitment to achieving the best outcomes for your students.
On the the English language unit standards VLN group Jo has started a discussion around the complexity of assessing at excellence and merit and achieved level. It is great to have this facility but it does make things a wee bit more complicated. It is important to remember that 
  • to get merit students must have  achieved and to get excellence, they must have achieved and merit
  • students need to meet both the outcome statements and the criteria for merit and excellence
Jennifer sought and got help with finding a TELL Me recording sheet - many thanks to Julie Luxton.
Averil very kindly shared her article on Vocabulary size and native speaker secondary school students. I have attached it to this update and it will be going onto ESOL Online. This will save Averil for having to answer so many emails. It is wonderful to have such great professionals participating in our community and my thanks go out to Averil who contributes so regularly to our discussions.
I was interested to read that native speakers of English generally have enough vocabulary to cope with texts but need to focus on subject specific vocabulary. Aron Wilson's research at the Woolf Fisher Centre indicates that subject teachers now spend considerable time teaching subject specific vocabulary. 
These two pieces of research will have implications on what vocabulary we select to teach to ELLs.
I posted some links for Race Relations Day.
Catriona provided us with a link to view a recording of the webinar Connected Learning Advisory - Te Ara Whītiki.
A wee bit of housekeeping. If you are starting a new thread / asking anew question please change the subject line in the email or start a new email chain. This helps keep the archive tidy and easy to search. The email address is for new emails is secondaryesol@lists.tki.org.nz
The AKTESOL AGM is on 21st April at Kohia Teachers Centre. The AGM will be followed by a speaker Dr Ineke Crezee who will talk on “Expectations of bilingual migrants in a largely monolingual society”
If there are events in your area please do let us know online.
On other communities
Primary ESOL Online have had a great conversation on phonological awareness.
Janet has also sent out a round up of related links on this topic.
English Online shared some authentic student exemplars for AS 1.2. These will be helpful to teachers working towards these standards with ELLs.
Julie Luxton was also busy on English Online discussing the use of the EAP standards. She must be the winner of this week's virtual chocolate fish.
Andre Johnson also shared his approach to flipping the classroom when working towards the 1.8 Connections standards - some great suggestions there.
Literacy Online discussed the importance of a language focused approach when teaching writing.
Also on this community Carina Brits posted on developing subject specific sentence level writing
Have a great week everyone and keep those discussions coming!
Kind regards


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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