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David Riley

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David Riley

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David Riley is a respected New Zealand high school Drama and English teacher. He has 17 years’ experience as an English and Drama teacher in South Auckland. He is currently Head of Drama and Specialist Classroom Teacher at Tangaroa College. His innovative teaching has been frequently referred to in research on educational theory and practice. David’s specialty is working with Polynesian students. He is also a published author who writes reading resources for teachers, parents and young people.


Steppin’ with Benji Marshall – a biography written for teenagers

Off Loading with Sonny Bill Williams – a biography written for teenagers

Read and Achieve with the All Blacks – a reading comprehension skills workbook for teachers and parents

Reading Warriors – a reading comprehension skills workbook for teachers and parents

We Are the Rock – a collection of profiles of achievers who have Niuean ancestry

Writing tips

When writing non-fiction make sure you accurately record the sources of your anecdotes and quotes as you go. It’s hard work trying to locate those sources when you’ve finished writing! It also makes it easier when people question where you got your information from. And remember to triple check facts whenever you can!