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Weekly update 9th March, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Morena all,

    Last week we discussed audio books with students and several teachers made suggestions regarding where to source audio books. Many thanks to all those who contributed to this discussion.
At this point in time we will be reviewing where our learners are currently and what we learning opportunities we need to provide for them to assist their learning journeys. 
A key document for this is the English Language Intensive Programme which outlines key stages, gives examples of learning needs and ways of meeting these related to these stages and provide suggestions on reporting to stakeholders. If you haven't used the document before I'd urge you to get hold of a copy of use the online version. If you are familiar with it - when was the last time you had a look? I always find something that i had forgotten about every time I review it!
PD opportunities
UC Education Plus have reminded us of the upcoming workshops. Contact the UE Education. You can find further details in the ELL newsletter available on this page.
Alana alerted us to the first Light the Fire meeting.
Our Twitter feeds
On other communities
On Primary ESOL Online Janet provided information about supporting ELLs.
English Online have discussed eAsTTle and some concerns over results. Some of you will be in schools that require ELL to take part in these or other standardised assessments e.g, paper based AsTTle, PATs etc. Whilst these assessments are valid and reliable for English first language students there are issues when using them with ELL within the first two years that should be discussed with those responsible for such assessments in your school.
English Online have also discussed using the EAP standards in conjunction with mainstream subjects - specifically History. Don't be afraid to jump into this conversation as out community has a wealthy of experience to share on these standards.
Primary Literacy Online have been discussing ESOL AF funding and ELLP with a focus on who should collect the required data. As we all know student achievement needs to be reported against the students' cohort so the involvement of mainstream teachers in this process is critical.
Have a great week.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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