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Weekly update 23rd February, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

     Last week saw discussions of 
Hilary alerted us to International Mother Tongue Day.
Nan Cooper gets the chocolate fish this week for contributing to our discussions on tracking reading progress
On the English Language unit standards group on the VLN Debbie Starck has uploaded two assessment resources for us 28001 many thanks Debbie, I'm sure this will be very useful to many teachers.
and Athlyn and Marie also contributed ideas and requests to the discussion on this standar on ESOL Online.
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Julie Luxton and I have done a wee tidy up on the ELUS group to simplify uploading resources and I have added a video and PPT of instructions on how to do this. I hope it will help people to both share and find resources.
Following on from my thoughts on 'one manageable change', I have been pursuing ways to make my workload sensible. 
I enjoyed an article on 'Top Time Management Tips' by Vicki Davis. I was taken by the notion of actually timetabling the things you want to do instead of leaving the things for ourselves until everything else is finished - as if it ever is!
I also wondered about building on or adapting online rubrics as a way of reducing marking and actually encouraging student ownership of work.
and a post from Tania Roxborough on English Online about a website called No Red Ink made me think of how this could help busy teachers. I investigated the site a bit and think the language is outside the grasp of early stage Englsih language learners but might be a great way to provide support for surface features for many of our advanced learners with minimal effort from us.
On our Twitter links
Worth a look are 
On other communities
English Online have discussed using diagnostic information.
Primary ESOL Online have followed up Janet's post about ESOL AF funding with a conversation on supporting new arrivals in classrooms.
Have great week everyone.

Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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