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Weekly update 16th February, 2015

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

      This week we have a few conversations underway.
Magneshi is looking for assessment tools aligned with ELLP. This is a very tricky topic indeed. How to you deal with this?
On a similar note, Sally has asked about tools to track reading progress and if people rely on ELLP or assessment of reading ages. There have already been replies - many thanks and keep those responses coming.
Athlyn is looking for suggestions for forms that might require a paragraph response. It would be great to hear your suggestions.
Don't forget - if you are trying to access the archive of posts you will need the username eesollonline (2 x e and 2 x l) and password,  - mailinglist.
In other news
The Ministry of Education's News Update is now available. It contains details of
  • the upcoming funding rounds - forms are due in by 2nd March
  • the Ministry team members
  • monitoring oral language
  • a spotlight on Cornwall Park District School
  • as well as links to bilingual booklets and BoT reporting templates
On our Twitter community we shared
Did anyone take up the TESOL online PD offered at the end of the schools holidays? It would be great to hear your experiences. I did the Moodle course and learnt about lots of great new tools that I will share with you in my next blog.
On other communities
English Online shared Cynthia Orr responded to a question regarding EN5 for the EAP 22750 standard. here is her response
This clarification of EN5 is all about a teacher's ability to assess that a student can write independently, so the devices being referred to are the sorts of devices (voice recognition software or translators etc) that would actually effectively do the writing for the student. Word processing of the sort that students would do for English standards is perfectly acceptable.


As a side note, the pace of change in the digital world is extraordinary and there is so much available to support all of us in all things, including writing, that we, as the assessor need to have multiple ways to ensure authenticity of all student writing. The more writing we have seen the students do, the more familiar we will be with their style.

Primary ESOL Online discussed web tools for use with ELLS.


Don't forget our online doc on the same topic - keep adding your suggestions.


Have a great week



Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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