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Weekly updates 2017

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Term 4

Week 7: Integrating Science and ESOL

Week 6: Walking in your learners shoes

Week 5: New School Journals and end of year AKTESOL event

Week 4: Teaching Maths to ELLs

Week 3: NZQA Roadshow registrations and new ELLP resource

Week 2: Sharing and standards

Week 1: An important assessment question, TESOLANZ AGM and the NZQA Roadshow

Term 3

Week 9: Still thinking about the draft EL standards

Week 8: Reviews and consultations

Week 7: Moderation issues

Week 6: Students with additional learning needs

Week 5: Teaching speaking

Week 4: NZQA Roadshow and VLN group membership contd

Week 3: NZQA Roadshow and membership of the VLN groups

Week 2: Cook Islands Māori Language Week

Week 1: The future of examinations

Term 2

Week 1: What do you want to discuss this term?

Week 2: All things VLN

Week 3: Resources on ESOL online for years 7-10

Week 4: Maximising our communities

Week 5: Supporting ELLs with additional learning needs

Week 6: Unit standard 28050 - clarification

Week 7: Helping students notice errors in their writing

Week 8: Teaching reading

Week 9: Level 3 EAP standards open for consultation

Week 10: Owning our PD

Week 11: Closing dates Level 3 EAP consultation and Korean Workshop

Term 1


Sharing our ideas