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Adele Broadbent

Adele Broadbent

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Adele Broadbent is passionate about Children’s Literature. A self-confessed Bookaholic, she is a Children’s Author, a Children’s Bookseller during the week and a Children’s Librarian on her weekends.


A monthly Tween Bookclub has kept her on her toes for the past four years.


Adele lives on a small lifestyle block in Napier with her husband and two teen sons who are invaluable to call on for getting things right in a story. While she is working in her garden and talking to her animals, she is always mulling over the next idea.

Her favourite age to write for is Tweens – 8-12 yr olds, and she enjoys making something ordinary, exciting.


She is available for Writing Workshops – large and small , for Year 5’s to 8’s and would like to offer some advice she has learnt along the way.


Tips for Tweens


1) When you’re doing creative writing in class, don’t get hung up on your title. It will come to you sometime during the story.


2) Know your character as well as your best mate. Then your character will tell you what to write. It may sound strange, but it really works!


3) Know what your character wants. If you know who they are, and what they want, a whole lot of other things will click into place.


4) Writing is just like shooting goals or perfecting a skateboard trick. It always gets better with



5) Get out there and do stuff! The more things you try, and the more things you do, will always help your writing.




Herrick Series

Too Many Secrets (2010) Harper Collins NZ

The Last Herrick Secret (2013)  AV Project

(Prequel to follow)

Just Jack (2011)  Harper Collins NZ

Trouble in Time (2014) Scholastic NZ


Educational Titles

Not just kicking and punching (School Journal 2006)

Nastie Nellie (School Journal 2007)

The Bike Race (Wendy Pye Publishing 2008)

Ninjas! (Wendy Pye Publishing 2008)

Not Exactly (Wendy Pye Publishing 2008)

The Winner is… (Wendy Pye Publishing 2010)

The Biggest Catch (Wendy Pye Publishing 2010)




Finalist 2012 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards – Just Jack

2012 CLF Storylines Notable Book – Just Jack


Come and say hi on Adele’s blog: www.adelebroadbent.blogspot.com