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Weekly update 9th December

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

     This is the last weekly update for 2014 although the lists will continue to be open for posts.
Last week we had a very interesting conversation around teacher aide support for international students. Many thanks to Athlyn for starting this off and to all those who responded. Schools are definitely approaching this in different ways and certainly juggling between a business model and a school model has it's challenges.
A key Ministry document on this issue is Effective provision for International students which you can download it you are unable to locate your school's copy. The section on Developing a Policy and business plan, page 7, and pages 20-22 on ways to support students are particularly pertinent.
While the enrolment of international students is often based on a business decision, it is one that requires an ethical commitment to ensuring that all the needs (including the English language needs) of the students are met while they are in the school. When considering how this business will enhance education for the whole school, it is important to recognise that the first priority for the revenue from the business must be the provision of an adequate and appropriate learning programme for international students.
International students do not qualify for New Zealand Government funding and the fee structure should be established to reflect all the initial, ongoing and hidden costs incurred as they relate to the provision of support (including English language support) for international students. The disbursement of the profit from this business for the benefit of the school in general should be transparent. Developing a budget for ESOL provision enables the board of the school to
report on how the funds derived from international students’ fees have been allocated, and the extent to which they have been used to meet the ESOL needs of those students. (Effective provision for international students, page 7)
Other ongoing conversations include
My thanks go to all those who contributed to these and other discussions over the year. If it wasn't for the people prepared to ask the questions we would not have our wonderful discussions - so many, many thanks to you all.
On other communities
Primary ESOL Online discussed leadership challenges. Janet also announced that their community has now reached 600 members
Can we beat that? Is there anyone in your department or ESOL cluster who has not joined? Maybe it can be one of our goals for next year.
Secondary English Online discussed flexible course design. Some pertinent points were made about not making final decisions until you actually meet the next cohort of students and understand their strengths, interests and learning needs. This is an issue we are very familiar with in the ESOL world!
On Literacy Online Peggy alerted us to the arrival of Connected resources in schools and the relevant support pages.
Have great, final week everyone.


Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 


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