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Peter Millett

Peter Millett


I’m Peter Millett and I write humorous stories that appeal to Kiwi kids aged 6 – 12

years. My most popular titles in New Zealand schools are: Moa’s Ark, The Anzac

Biscuit Man, Boy Zero Wannabe Hero series and the WW1 title The Anzac Puppy.

My style of storytelling particularly appeals to reluctant readers and I try to emulate

the zany approach of overseas writers such as Jeremy Strong and Andy Stanton.

My goal is write international standard books for the local market. I have published

over 30 titles since 1998 and my latest series Johnny Danger will be released to a

worldwide market in 2015. My publishers overseas are Penguin Books and Faber &

Faber, and my local publisher is Scholastic.



- 10  years experience writing for the educational market

- Specialist in high  interest level, low readability level primary readers

- Specialist in writing humour-rich fiction texts for boys

- 15 years experience writing for the trade market


I have one primary writing tip that I hold above all else:

Teaching adults or children to write narratives is like teaching someone to drive a car for the very first time. It's a two step process:

1. This is how the car operates.

2. This is how you navigate your car.

We would never expect a student driver on their first experience to drive down the Southern motorway following their nose for directions. However this is exactly what we do with first time narrative writers.


First time writers should use an existing story arc (fable or fairy tale) and modify it to get a basic feel for storytelling. Progressively elements can be removed and replaced with more original ideas and content. It's impossible to expect a student to craft an original beginning, middle and end and then apply storytelling techniques to it afterwards. Repetitive modification of existing story arcs frees up the instincts and imagination to craft original ideas.



Thomson Nelson Bookweb Plus Grade 6 2003

- The Best Medicine, ISBN 9780170121729

Thomson Nelson Fast Forward Series 2007 - 2008

Reading Intervention Program for Upper Primary/Middle Grade

- On the Team, ISBN 9780170125277

- Shark! ISBN 9780170125413

- Jump, ISBN 9780170125536

- Lions, ISBN 9780170125512

- Super Fit, ISBN 9780170125659

- The Game, ISBN 9780170125635

- Scary Movie, ISBN 9780170126137

- Battle of the Bands, ISBN 9780170126229

- It’s a Jungle Out There, ISBN 9780170126953

- Goal, ISBN 9780170127080

Cengage Fast Forward Independent Texts 2009

Take home supplement to Fast Forward series

- Tiger!, ISBN 9780170179195

- Molly and the Band, ISBN 9780170179300

- Slam Dunk, ISBN 9780170179249

- Lucky Break, ISBN 978017017898

- Out of This World, ISBN 978017017899

Macmillan Education Literacy Network Middle Primary Fiction 2009

- The Creature from the Bottom of the Sea, ISBN 9781420275544

- Dad's New Job, ISBN 9781420290554

Pearson Sails Fluency 2009 Purple Level

- Whale of a Tale, ISBN 9781869706159

Macmillan Springboard Into Comprehension 2010

- The Best Holiday Ever, ISBN 9781420223187

- Number 15 Orchard Street, ISBN 9781420279801

- Where's Dad?, ISBN 9781420294149

- Always Late,  ISBN 9781420291391

- Animal Antics, ISBN 9781420291476

- Out of the Flowepot, ISBN 9781420294255

Macmillan Sprints 2012

- The Great Concrete Mix-Up, ISBN 9781420292411

- Who Let the Dinosaurs Out?, ISBN 978142029773

- The Chocolate Martians, ISBN 9781420292367

- Billy Brain Box, ISBN 9781420297546

Trade Market – Picture Books

2000   Kiwi Heroes – Jean Batten, Reed Publishing NZ, ISBN 1869488466

2000   Kiwi Heroes – George Nepia, Reed Publishing NZ, ISBN 1869488458

2005   Moa’s Ark, Reed Publishing NZ, ISBN 9781869485580

2007   The Anzac Biscuit Man, Puffin NZ, ISBN 9780143503194

2008   Humpty Rugby and Other Classic Kiwi Rhymes, Puffin NZ, ISBN 9780143502814

2014    The Anzac Puppy, Scholastic NZ, ISBN 9781775430971

Trade Market – Middle Grade Fiction

2010   Boy Zero Wannabe Hero Book One, Faber UK, ISBN 9780571252473

2010   Boy Zero Wannabe Hero Book Two, Faber UK, ISBN 9780571253237

2010   Boy Zero Wannabe Hero Book Three, Faber UK, ISBN 9780571253265

           2015  Johnny Danger, Penguin AU, ISBN 9781743485873

WEB:   www.petermillett.com  

TWITTER:  @petermillett