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Feedback Opportunities

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This page is to help those who would like to link up with other classes to have some feedback interaction. Follow the links to get in touch with other classes with similar needs to your own.

Mainstream juniors

Bilingual juniors

ESOL juniors
Mainstream seniors Bilingual seniors ESOL seniors
Mainstream secondary Bilingual secondary ESOL secondary


Here are some ideas for useful feedback

  • How well did the writer capture interest from the first sentence?
  • Did the writer create pictures in your mind and if so what were some of the phrases that created vivid pictures?  Did they make you think of experiences you have had?
  • Has the writer thought about the person that will be reading their work and given them all the information they need to follow the text?  
  • Is the text well sequenced and organised with good detail and description?  Have they used strong verbs?  Do any language features support or detract from the message?
  • Is the writing style appropriate to the context and the audience?
  • What is the best thing about this piece of writing and what would be one thing that you think could enhance the writing?
  • If this is a factual piece of writing, were you provided with sufficient information while still maintaining your interest?  
  • Did the writer express any personal opinions or viewpoints - was this a good or bad thing?

Finally, if you have a class blog too, leave your blog url and invite this writer to come and leave some feedback for you and your class.