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Weekly update 25th November

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

      A quiet week on our community - where are you all? However I see lots of people joining the VLN groups - so well done. For those of you who aren't familiar with these, they include
and many more ....
And an increasing number of people in our community are following ESOL Online on Twitter.
The Ministry of Education News Update is now available online. This issue contains information on
  • ELLP funding procedures
  • transitioning to the new ELLP funding system - this includes 
    • really helpful information about when a students should be deemed to be at a particular ELLP stage for funding purposes as opposed to reporting within schools and to parents. This is an important distinction to make in your record keeping
    • ways of using ELLP within your school
On other communities
You can check links from the Ready to Read webinar here.
Literacy Online have discussed how to create a school wide reading culture.
Secondary Literacy Online looked at Subject specific literacy within thematic units of work
and of course Primary ESOL Online  continues with Janet's great weekly updates and Gems from around the world. You can find all of Janet's posts in the Primary ESOL Online VLN group.
English Online have had lively conversations around BYOD and a href="http://lists.tki.org.nz/wws/arc/secondaryenglish/2014-11/msg00130.htm



Is your school moving in this direction and how is that working for you?


As many of you know all of my work with students these days is in an online environment and I am great advocate of the effectiveness of online tools. However I equally strongly believe that the pedagogy must come first so that we ask what do our students need to learn and only then seek out the most appropriate tools be they online or otherwise. 


Having said that my students taking a photo of their homework tasks is a GREAT time saver providing they actually look at it once they get home!


Have a great week