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Kyle Mewburn

Kyle Mewburn      


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Kyle Mewburn is one of New Zealand's finest, and most eclectic, picture book writers. His stories are noted for being multi-layered, funny and linguistically creative. His titles have been published in a dozen countries and won numerous awards including Children's Book of the Year (Old Hu-hu), Picture book of the Year (Kiss!Kiss! Yuck!Yuck!), two Children's Choice awards (Kiss!Kiss! Yuck!Yuck! and Melu) and a Flicker Tale award in North Dakota (Kiss!Kiss! Yuck!Yuck!). He has been a frequent Finalist at the New Zealand Children's Book Awards and many of his titles have been included on Notable Books Lists in both New Zealand and Australia. Melu was a White Raven title for 2012 and Bog Frog Hop was a finalist in the Australian Speech Therapists' Book of the Year. As well as picture books, Kyle has published numerous School Readers (Tracker Jack and Modern Bush Yarns series) and junior fiction titles, including his popular Dinosaur Rescue series which has been sold into 27 countries. He was the Children's Writer in Residence at Otago University in 2011 and is currently President of the New Zealand Society of Authors.


Originally from Brisbane, Kyle lives with his wife, Marion, a well-known potter, in a house with a grass roof in Millers Flat. When he's not writing, Kyle's free time is almost wholly consumed trying to maintain a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle ... or drinking wine while watching the endlessly entertaining drama of chickens wending  their way to bed under the watchful eyes of two teasing cats.



Writing Tips

We generally want to write the kind of stories we love to read. But sometimes our imagination and our particular writing "voice" isn't quite right for those kind of stories. Experimenting with different types of writing helps you find your voice.


A fun voice exercise -

a) Cut out pictures of different types of characters from a magazine. The more variety the better. Choose people from different backgrounds, add a few animals and toss in a couple of fairies, elves, monsters and aliens.

b) Make 10 identical cards and label them - Mystery, War, Love, Ghost, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Crime.

c) Take 2 clean sheets of paper. Write "I" on one and "he/she/it" on the other. Flip both over and shuffle until you don't remember which is which.

d) Without looking, pick a photo, a card and a sheet of paper. (No cheating!!)

e) Now write the opening few paragraphs of a story using your choices. It doesn't matter if you have to write an "I" story about a fluffy kitten in a war OR a "he/she/it" fairy love story, the important thing is to experiment with different voices, play around and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!   


2014 Rainy day washaway (poem included in A treasury of NZ poems, Random House)

Foldaway Boy (short story included in The Curioseum, Te Papa Press)

Rosie's radical rescue ride (Random House)

2013 Rosie to the Rescue (Random House)

Luther and the Cloud-makers (Scholastic)

Dinosaur Rescue Megasaurus Mash-up 1 (Scholastic)

Dinosaur Rescue Megasaurus Mash-up 2 (Scholastic)

2012 Melu  (Scholastic - also in Te Reo)

Seesaw Po (Scholastic - also in Te Reo)

Blue Gnu (Scholastic)

The Story of Bo and the circus that wasn't (Scholastic)

Bog Frog Hop (Little Hare Australia)

Dinosaur Rescue 5 - 8  (Scholastic NZ)

2011 The grumblebee  (Scholastic)

Three cheers for No-ears (Scholastic - also in Te Reo)

Moon Cow (Penguin)

Hester & Lester (Random House)

Do not push! (Scholastic)

Dinosaur Rescue 1-4 (Scholastic)

Tracker Jack (OUP Australia)

Bush Yarns (OUP Australia)

2010 Duck's Stuck! board book (Scholastic)

Hill and Hole (Penguin)

Daisy's Maze (Scholastic)

A crack in the sky (Scholastic)

Pop Hooper's Perfect Pets (Little Hare Australia)

2009 Old Hu-hu (Scholastic NZ - also in Te Reo)

2008 Duck’s Stuck! (Scholastic)  

The Eleventh Sheep (Scholastic Australia)

Ant’s Pants (Scholastic)

2007 No room for a mouse (Scholastic Australia)

Muddletopia (Penguin)

2006 Kiss!Kiss! Yuck!Yuck! (Scholastic)

2005 The Bear in the room next door (Scholastic)

2004 The Hoppleplop (Scholastic)