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Encouraging Reading

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Last updated by Jill Hammonds

For those of us who learned to read easily, reading is mostly fun.  For those who struggle however, it can be anything but!  We need to find ways to put learner readers at ease so that they can enjoy and learn from the experience.

Read-along books are great for this and there are endless opportunities with digital and online books. Check these out or Google search for "read along books"

Collins Big Cat Books

Available as iPad apps

Students can read along,
read independently and then
write their own version or adaptation
of the story using the pictures and the opportunity to record.

Collins Big Cat Books

Ready to Read digital books

Also have sign language alongside the oral reader.

Ready to Read

 Just Books Read Aloud

Just Books Read Aloud


Another opportunity that is taking off with readers is "Booktrack" - where you can have back ground music playing as you read.  Check it out.  


Students can also create their own.

Create your own